I provide a safe, mindful and non-judgemental space for you to explore new ways of experiencing a fuller enjoyment of life.

Sometimes life can feel very challenging. If you are experiencing issues with relationships, struggling with your mental health, or feeling like there is more to be gained from your life, seeking support is the first step towards change.

Body psychotherapy can help you to gain internal resources for relating to those around you, cope with life’s challenges, experience more fulfilling relationships, and know yourself on a deeper level.

I am located in Cambridge (Cambridgeshire), UK.

I offer a free 15 minute consultation. Ongoing sessions last 60 minutes at £60 per session.

Working with your felt-sense experience of the present moment, and with the support of the therapeutic relationship, body psychotherapy will enable you to explore your story and the challenges you face in your life. When we listen deeply to the body and allow what needs to be expressed to be heard and witnessed, the magic of healing unfolds.

I work with intuition, somatic resonance, talking, therapeutic touch and energetic healing to support you through your emergent healing process. Whether you are troubled by relationship issues, grief, anxiety, depression or trauma, body psychotherapy can help you to come into contact with the parts of you, and experiences you’ve had, which have been ignored or closed down in order to protect you in the past. Through the safety of the therapeutic relationship, I will help you reconnect with your true nature, your innate creativity and your essential health.

I completed my core training with Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre in 2022. I am a UKCP trainee member.

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